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Production Logistics E-Commerce

We give you creative freedom, a team of artisans at your disposal
and a showcase for your products.
No fixed costs.

Creative freedom
No more artistic selection based solely on market decisions.

Small productions
No more limits bound to mass production.

You earn on the price you set
No more marginal royalties.

Turn your project into reality and start selling it.

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Hiro is
Production, Logistics, E-commerce:
all-in-one website.

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From idea to sale


You have an idea for a home design object.

You upload a CAD project and receive, in just a few days, a quote for its manufacturing.

Hiro produces your prototype, photographs it and uploads it on the marketplace (e-commerce)

Then you can have a small stock produced and put it up for sale.

Minimum stock
If you buy a minimum stock, your product can be sold right away

Only prototype + Crowdfunding (service not yet available)
We are working on giving a chance to launch a "sales campaign" on the website, to gather a minimum order for produce. We'll let you know when this service becomes available.

You decide the selling price and earn the markup on manufacturing costs.
The company manages all direct orders, processes payments and ships to the customer.

Don't just dream it.

Make it!

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What does Hiro do?

Project engineering, feasibility and mechanical engineering study, project implementation for industrial production.

Production of the object upon request, in small series.

Logistics management, products storage and shipping upon request.

Sales support, creation of a customized e-commerce webpage, marketing actions, payments' management and relationship with end client (customer care, returns, etc...)

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Upload a project for free
Do you have a project and want to know how much it would cost to produce it? Upload it on our website. Our quotes are free of charge!

We will send you a no-obligations offer for the prototype production and inclusion on our platform. At the same time, we will also submit an offer for the production of a small series.

How much do I pay?
Fist time: Prototype cost + Subscription fee.
To enter Hiro's platform you will pay a subscription fee when producing of your first prototype.

Each new project: Prototype cost + Handling fee
For each new project, you will pay the manufacturing of the prototype and an insertion fee.

If you decide to produce a small serie, you will pay the cost of their production. We cannot define fixed costs, as they are based on each type of project.

Do you want to know how much it costs to be a part of it? Send us your project and find out now!

For each sale on the website, Hiro withholds 15% of the price as its share, before VAT and shipping costs. This percentage also includes fees related to payment transactions.

There are no other costs: no hidden or fixed cost.

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How to establish your selling price

You can establish your selling price to the final customer.

Consider while building up the price, that on top of the product's cost there is the percentage withheld by Hro.

Once you've done this, think about how much you would like to earn on each unit and establish the final price.. Remember to calculate the VAT (22%), which is pais by the end consumer.

The final price could be slightly out of line with that of mass-produced products; remember that you are selling a “unique” piece. However, even though your client may be willing to buy at a higher price than on other market places, keep in mind the average market prices when deciding your products’ (you can easily make a quick search online). We can help you establish the correct selling price.

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