About us

If you can dream it, make it.

Hiro was born in 2018 after thinking an initial incubation of the idea that lasted two years. It develops as a branch of the Penta Systems company - metal furnishing for shops.

Manuele Perlati
Founder and CEO

He played a leading role in the industrial production of Penta Systems. He covered all job roles in the workshop before becoming project manager and later sales manager. He conceived Hiro while touring workshops and thinking of the large variety of objects that could be made on those workbenches. He strongly believes in the designers' creative expression and in making all the manufacturing experience they need readily available to them.

Damiano Menegolo
Co-Founder and Marketing manager

He's been part of the project since its first draft. His job is to “open up” Hiro's digital factory more and more, by working hard to simplify the access to the platform and trying to make the project known among designers all over the world. He gets thrilled when he thinks about how many ideas can be realized.

Moreno Fabris Sales Manager
Moreno Fabris
Designer-Care Manager

Moreno is the reference for our designers. All the needs and requests of designers pass by him. He is concerned with making the company's language understandable to designers and vice versa. And often he succeeds.

You design, we'll take care of the rest.

The Other Design's website. Made in Italy.

Hiro was born in the manufacturing world. Forty years of experience in furniture for the shops, Penta Systems, join a digital revolution, to create an industry just one click away.

We open the factory to the creativity of designers from all over the world, simplifying its access thanks to digital technology.

We do not art direct projects. Instead, we let designers free to express their creativity.

Designers partecipate in the project by purchasing small lots directly. We turn their ideas into real objects and help the sell.

You too, as a client, are part of the creative process.

None of this would be possible without you.


Hiro's Objects

When you buy a product made by Hiro, you buy a unique object, made in Italy and produced in small series. You wont't find our objects at big brands' or on famous design portals.

In Hiro you will find the designer's pure stylistic expression, as he owns his project and decides if, how and when to produce and sell it.

If you have alternative ideas about purchasing, if you want to experience the independent design, if you want to find unique projects, this is the right place for you.

No artistic selection, no marketing decisions, no big productions.


As you know, big brands sell mass-produced objects, often manufactured with low-cost labour in emerging countries. At Hiro we only produce in small series and exclusively in Italy, thanks to the work of craftsmen and small semi-artisanal factories.

For this reason, manufacturing costs might be a little higher than those of similar objects that you can find on other websites.

When you are buying, please remember that you are taking part in the realization of an object that wouldn't exist without your contribution.

So, if you fall in love with a mirror, a stool, a clothes hanger... Partecipate in its creation!

At Hiro new projects are uploaded all the time, while others are no longer produced. Hurry up and choose yours.

Why we do this? Because we believe in small productions. We sell directly from factory to the client, cutting away many steps.



To make an industrial system more accessible for creating objects of décore, born from the creativity of each designer.



Our mission is to help those who have an idea for a home design object, to create it and sell it.

We believe that each designer should be able to directly manage the process, from an idea to the creation of their own personal "brand".

We want to make design objects available that wouldn't otherwise be produced because of (alleged) lack of "market opportunity". We want to distribute a style that is independent from the usual big brands' influence.

To do this we:
  • Facilitate access to production
  • Allow the designer to test the market
  • Produce in series of only a few units
  • We manage payments, logistics and shipping

You want to talk to someone on our team? Visit the page "contact" and write us!