How do I know when my package is out for delivery?

Once the package has been shipped, you should receive a confirmation email on the address you provided us. Refer to that email and follow the instructions given by the courier. Usually you should be given a tracking number to check your shipment’s status on the courier's website. If you didn't receive the email or if you have any other request, please contact our customer service.


I don't like the product I bought, may I return it?

Yes, you may return your product within 14 days of receiving the goods. The consumer is entitles to the “right of withdrawal”. This means you can choose to return the object you have bought without any specific reason within 14 days of receiving the goods. We will refund what you've paid, shipping costs included, within 14 days of your communication. Please consider that the refund might take longer depending on the payment processing.
Shipping costs to send the object back to us will be your only expense. Before refunding the price of the product, we will need to evaluate if it is damaged or if for any reason its value is somehow lessened. Should this be the case, we will withhold the gap value.


My product is flawed, what can I do?

Our legal guarantee lasts two years since purchase (if you are a “consumer”) but you have to communicate within two months from the appearance of the alleged flaw. If you identified any alleged flaws on your product within this period please contact our customer care to receive the detailed instructions.


How can I get in touch with customer care service?

If you have needs or questions, you can always email us at [email protected] or at +39 045 7810719  monday to friday 8-12 am / 2 - 5 pm.
You also contact us at this page.


Can I contact a designer directly?

For the sake of our website’s best functioning and to make sure we can guarantee answering all our clients’ requests while avoiding misunderstandings, it isn’t possible to directly contact a designer. However, you can write to us and we will get you in touch.


What are “featured” products?

“Featured” products are the result of a selection made by Hiro staff members. They are products that stand out because of peculiar aesthetic and functional features, rewarded by the market with success in sales performances.
These products are highlighted in special ways on the website and they show up first on search results.

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