How does Hiro work?

Do you have an idea for a home design object? Create your project in CAD and get a quote for free to realize your prototype and upload it on the website. Furthermore, you will receive a quote to produce a small batch. We take care of creating the objects and putting them up for sale on our website. We sell directly to end clients and ship the object to their houses. If you want to find out more, click here


What services does Hiro provide?

When you ask for our production services for the first time, you pay a subscription fee which includes:

  • product engineering
  • production of a prototype (with “prototype” we mean one finished article)
  • photograph of the object on white background
  • creation of your personal selling page (you will have to provide your biography and a picture to fill in the page)
  • uploading of the product in our catalog, both on your personal page and on the website’s marketplace *
  • the management of all procedures related to selling the product (registration to client list, registration of the product, etc.).

* Please note that the inclusion of the product in the catalog is conditioned to the production of a series, to make sure it is actually available for sale


When I buy a batch, do I have to store it myself?

No, you don't. We manufacture and store products in our warehouse, so that they are ready to be shipped to the end client!


Who manages payments and shipping?

We process all payments. We also manage shipping to the end client, returns and client care (right of withdrawal, guarantees, etc.)


How much does it cost?

To become a part of Hiro’s website you pay a subscription fee, just once and simultaneously with the production of your first prototype.
For each new project, you will pay the production of the prototype and an insertion fee.

If you decide to produce your products in a small series, you pay the cost of their production.
For each sale on the website, Hiro withholds 15% on the selling price you decided as its share, before VAT and shipping costs.
There are no other costs: no hidden or fixed cost.
How do I know the exact cost? You will be told the exact cost after a free analysis of your project, once you have uploaded it on our website. That's because it will vary depending on the kind of project you want to create: production costs affect the final price the most.


How much do I earn?

You decide your product's selling price. Your profit depends on the mark-up on the production price you pay to Hiro, excluding Hiro's withheld fee and other expected deductions, such as taxes and other financial charges (see below).


How much does Hiro withhold on every sale?

On each sale on the website, Hiro withholds 15% as its share. This amount includes fees related to payment transactions.
If Hiro decided to sell your projects on other websites (e.g. Amazon), you need to consider the amount withheld by that website as well as that withheld by Hiro (for instance: Amazon withholds about 15% on each transaction so, if you accept to sell your products through this website, Hiro will withhold roughly 15%+15%= 30%).
Taxes which according to law should be deposited by the seller (e.g. VAT), will also be withheld.


How often do I get paid?

The retail revenues from the objects are given to the designers after they have presented the related invoice. The procedure will be defined between each designer and the company when accepting the economic agreement.


How much can I mark up on the production price?

There is no limit but don't forget to consider the end client and the market: your products will always be made in small batches and thus production costs could be higher than those of big brands. To understand how to establish the cost of your product you can visit this page.


How much does it cost to get a quote to produce a prototype or a stock?

It is free of charge. A feasibility analysis and the quote for prototypes and stock are free of charge and non-binding.


If I submit my project, am I required to produce a piece?

No, you are not. When you submit a project, we analyse its feasibility and you get a quote for the realization of the prototype and its upload on the website. Moreover, you'll get a quote to manufacture a batch of products.
Our analysis and the consequent commercial proposal are always free and non-binding.


Are the projects that I submit for a quote protected?

When you send a project for a quote, Hiro uses it only to give a suitable analysis. The process of online data exchange is protected by secure protocols. Your project is protected on our servers. If after getting a quote you don't want to work with us, we will not use or diffuse your projects by any means. If you will decide to proceed with production, we will keep your projects safely on our servers. Should you decide to abandon the process or to withdraw one of your products from the market, your projects will be kept safely in our archives for some time, then they could be permanently deleted.
In any case Hiro will never be allowed to use your projects without your consent.


How many projects can I submit to Hiro?

Each designer can upload as many projects as they want. However, we reserve the right to limit the uploading of projects in time of intense flow, to guarantee that all submitted projects receive a technical analysis with appropriate timing.


I am not sure if my project is feasible or if it can be produced by you, what can I do?

First, read our guidelines on materials and manufacturing. If you have doubts or if you want to find out more, contact us. We'll be glad to find the most suitable solution for you.


Can I change my project once I have sent it?

Of course. In the first stages, you can make any changes you’d like and send the modified project for a new quote. Once you have accepted the prototype production, the real planning stage will begin.
You will be sent the final project for confirmation, and you will still be allowed to make minor revisions. However if you will substantially change it, we could ask for a surcharge. Once you've confirmed the project and the piece goes into production, it won't be possible to change it anymore.
If, after viewing the physical prototype, you should decide to modify it or to produce another version of it, you will have to pay for it (unless it is because of production mistakes, flaws or negligence on the company’s behalf) and its cost will be quoted once again.


How long is the manufacturing time?

Compatibly with the number of projects we receive, we commit to sending you a quote within a few days. Afterwards, manufacturing time depends on many factors, like how easy it is to get in touch with you to discuss possible changes and how long it takes for you to decide. It is thus impossible to vouch for a definite amount of time. However, it will roughly take about 30 days from the moment you confirm the final project.


I have bought the prototype of my object, what now?

Your object is produced, photographed and uploaded on our website and it's ready to be placed on our marketplace. We also create your own showcase page.
The prototype is shipped to an address you choose and you can display it in fairs, exhibitions, your own showroom... you can do whatever you want with it.
You can now decide if you want to have a small stock produced and put up for sale.
From this moment on, your product is actually inserted on the portal and available for purchase. We manage direct orders, process your payments and ship to the end client.
And, of course, we will grant you your earnings.


After realizing a prototype, am I required to produce a minimum batch?

No, you aren't. Once you have bought a prototype, you have already paid for the subscription fee (the prototype and subscription fee are not severable). However, your product will not be visible until you decide to produce a small series, making it actually available for sale.


What is the minimum batch size?

The minimum batch size is the minimum amount of pieces Hiro requires to send your project into production, after the production of the prototype.
The minimum batch is necessary to simplify the manufacturing process and the sourcing of materials. It is also necessary to lower production costs, so that it can be more attractive on the market.
dditionally, we take “commercial” factors into consideration: we believe that a minimum amount of available products is necessary to promote the sale with enough continuity.
If you want to know of how many pieces we are talking about exactly, submit your project for free. The exact quantity depends on the kind of project. We’ll be able let you know what applies to your specific case once you have submitted your CAD project (for free), thanks to our technicians' analysis.
In any case, our production proposals are to be considered “micro-lots”.


Am I required to sell on Hiro's e-commerce? What about other marketplaces?

Once you become a part of the project, after buying a prototype and producing a small series, your product will automatically be placed on our website. We will let you know if we decide to potentially insert your product on other marketplaces. This insertion is optional and you can refuse it by contacting us through the channels we will point out in the notice.


Can I buy my products directly on the website to resell them through my distribution channels?

Once you become a member of Hiro and order the production of a small series, you can decide whether to directly buy some pieces or the whole series, and to resell it through the channels you prefer. To do so, contact our customer service.


I am not interested in the marketplace, can I just use the production service?

Hiro wants to become the most important website for design projects that are independent from big brands. For this reason, please do not consider us simply as manufacturers. However if you have different needs, please contact us.

. Our company is at your disposal.

Does Hiro become the owner of my projects?

No, it doesn't. By accepting Hiro's terms, you allow us to use your project to produce the requested amount of pieces. The projects are the result of your talent and you will keep using them as you want, except for the conditions that exist between you and Hiro (specified on the agreement you will be given together with the business proposal).
The company will remain the exclusive owner of the products' engineering development for industrialization. They represent the operative methods of production of the objects, based on the company's (and its suppliers') productive capacity and opportunities. The potential disclosure of this data would be the disclosure of a trade secret. Such projects, however, will only be used by the company to produce the object when requested by the designer.


Does Hiro get exclusive right to sell the designer’s object?

Yes, it does. Until the designer decides to withdraw the product from the website, Hiro maintains the exclusive right to sell. This means that while your project is produced and sold on our site, it cannot be produced and/or sold by others without our prior consent. You can decide to withdraw your product from the website at any time, by letting us know through a certifiable method (registered letter with acknowledgement of return or certified e-mail). All current orders must have been processed. Once you decide to withdraw your product, please take into account the necessary steps and time needed to do so.
If you have any specific needs, we will be happy to help you any way we can. Please contact our customer service.


Does Hiro get exclusive right to produce?

Hiro has the exclusive right to produce only while you keep your object on our website. If you decide to withdraw it, let us know through a certifiable method (registered letter with acknowledgement of return or certified e-mail). If you choose to send a regular non-certified email, you will have to wait for a confirmation that we received it. Once all the orders have been processed and all pending economic relations are settled, you will be free to produce and sell your object on whichever channel you prefer. If you have any specific needs, we will be happy to help you any way we can. Contact our customer service.


Can I submit a project copied from a famous object?

When you submit a project to Hiro, you declare that it is a product of your creativity and that you have the rights to use it or a license from whomever has those rights. Please consider that objects designed by others are always copyrighted. Hiro does not take responsibilities for contingent lawsuits filed by people who may claim rights on your product. In those cases Hiro will withdraw the project from the website as precautionary measure, and you could be charged with legal costs if the company has to pay to defend itself (if it is ascribable to your negligence).


What happens if someone copies the product I sell on Hiro?

The company is not liable in the instance of plagiarism (by individuals or companies). The designers themselves are responsible for protecting their work and intellectual property.


Do I have to pay taxes on what I sell?

Hiro only withholds taxes when required by law (e.g. VAT). Hiro is not liable for all other taxes which may derive from your profits (e.g. income tax, etc. …). Ask your legal and business consultants to help you with this.


What are “featured” products? How can I make my products become “featured”?

“Featured” products are the result of a selection made by Hiro staff members. They are products that stand out because of peculiar aesthetic and functional features, rewarded by the market with success in sales performances.
Access to the “featured” category does not depend on an economic base, but on the technical/artistic decision made periodically by the company’s staff members.
These products are highlighted in special ways on the website and they show up first on search results. Moreover, they are markedly promoted on social media and on other communication channels, as well as in exhibitions and events the company should decide to take part in.
To participate in the selections that regularly take place, you don't have to do anything at all. Products uploaded on the website are automatically monitored by our staff members and, if we believe that your product is worthy of entering this category, we will let you know.


What happens when my product becomes “featured”?

If you are selected for the “featured” category, we will propose a new agreement for the distribution of your product.



How do I know when my package is out for delivery?

Once the package has been shipped, you should receive a confirmation email on the address you provided us. Refer to that email and follow the instructions given by the courier. Usually you should be given a tracking number to check your shipment’s status on the courier's website. If you didn't receive the email or if you have any other request, please contact our customer service.


I don't like the product I bought, may I return it?

Yes, you may return your product within 14 days of receiving the goods. The consumer is entitles to the “right of withdrawal”. This means you can choose to return the object you have bought without any specific reason within 14 days of receiving the goods. We will refund what you've paid, shipping costs included, within 14 days of your communication. Please consider that the refund might take longer depending on the payment processing.
Shipping costs to send the object back to us will be your only expense. Before refunding the price of the product, we will need to evaluate if it is damaged or if for any reason its value is somehow lessened. Should this be the case, we will withhold the gap value.


My product is flawed, what can I do?

Our legal guarantee lasts two years since purchase (if you are a “consumer”) but you have to communicate within two months from the appearance of the alleged flaw. If you identified any alleged flaws on your product within this period please contact our customer care to receive the detailed instructions.


How can I get in touch with customer care service?

If you have needs or questions, you can always email us at or at +39 045 7810719  monday to friday 8-12 am / 2 - 5 pm.
You also contact us at this page.


Can I contact a designer directly?

For the sake of our website’s best functioning and to make sure we can guarantee answering all our clients’ requests while avoiding misunderstandings, it isn’t possible to directly contact a designer. However, you can write to us and we will get you in touch.


What are “featured” products?

“Featured” products are the result of a selection made by Hiro staff members. They are products that stand out because of peculiar aesthetic and functional features, rewarded by the market with success in sales performances.
These products are highlighted in special ways on the website and they show up first on search results.



What is crowdfunding?

By “crowdfunding” we mean collecting money needed to finalize projects of different kinds. To date, it is unfortunately not possible to start a crowdfunding campaign directly on Hiro’s website, but you can address specialized platforms. We are working to implement this system: enter your email address to stay informed or create your own profile to receive our messages.


Does Hiro have a crowdfunding service?

Not yet. We are working to implement this system. If you think this service might be useful to you, let us know! Contact our customer service.
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